Neil Douglas Reilly

putting it all together

Ryan Kavanaugh, a dominating force behind Triller, an American video-sharing service, reveals the dark side of social media. In his revelation, he highlights how Ethan Klein, the brain behind podcast H3, uses his large and obedient social media followers to taint his name and destroy the reputation and search engine ranking of the Triller.

YouTube Podcasts

Ethan Klein uses YouTube to pirate Triller’s fight event, making billions of dollars in ad sales and sponsorships. After the Thriller sues him alongside other online businesses, Klein shares a gazillion of videos criticizing and defaming Ryan Kavanaugh on his YouTube Channel. That spearheads the defamation and character assignation game, which Klein plays to the best of his knowledge.

Social Media Content Sharing and Comments

Klein further asks his trigger-happy, obsessive and naive followers to share his disparaging content on social platforms such as Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter. Despite his mission being malicious and the character defaming stories being unverified, Klein gets upvote comments from his followers, which gives his website higher search engine rankings.

To push his malicious and unfounded campaign a notch higher, Klein encourages his followers to attack and criticize Ryan Kavanaugh’s social media channels. Motivated by Klein, the followers threatened Ryan Kavanaugh, sharing vulgar comments and negative messages.

That clearly shows that although all social media platforms have policies intended to protect their users, there are no guidelines to keep users from using social media to spread lies and maliciously character assassinate their competitors. In the end, Ryan Kavanaugh not only loses money and followers but also gets defamed by Klein, while lawfully, Klein should be on the receiving end.