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Electricity runs our lives, not only homes but the entire economy. So it’s one thing that we can never get rid of and we are forced to live with the menace of paying exorbitant fees in the form of electricity bills. Another disturbing thing is, the consumers have no idea how the system works and the criteria used in arriving at the bills supplied. Well, this may not be the case anymore after Posigen introduced their Solar energy solutions, Thomas Neyhart, current CEO, assures. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, Posigen is a solar company that is out to transform the world by offering affordable energy solutions especially to low and middle-income families and communities of color.


How Posigen Saves you Money

Choosing solar energy has several ways of ensuring the consumers save money in terms of electricity bills. First, the state has provided renewable energy incentives to protect the environment by reducing the rate of carbon emission. Therefore, homeowners have access to various types of incentives when they choose solar energy. Thomas Neyhart has pointed out that there are also rebate programs in some other states. Secondly, solar power uses net metering which also allows its consumers to save on costs. Some may be wondering what net metering is. The monthly electricity bill is arrived at by calculating the number of kilowatt-hours used multiplied by the charge per kilowatt plus other additional charges. 


For homes that have solar, the process is two-directional as it involves measuring the electricity that it has consumed from the grid and the one it has produced. Therefore, when the home produces more than they consume, the excess is saved for the future which covers the homeowners during all seasons. Lastly, consumers who purchase their solar from Posagen, have access to free energy efficiency improvements. According to Thomas Neyhart, some of these improvements include sealing air leaks and weather stripping, air filter replacement, and fixing compact fluorescent lightbulbs. Homeowners who choose Posigen, get the opportunity to receive state, utility, and efficiency improvement in one seating. So, if you are looking to save some new coins, then Posigen is your best bet when it comes to energy efficiency.

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