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Citizen App is a popular safety app available in App store and Play store. The application was built to create ways in which users can be made aware of dangerous situations. The application has been in the mobile industry for more than five years.

History of the Application

Citizen was founded by Andrew Frame, a serial entrepreneur based in Las Vegas. His idea was to create an application that would meet users’ daily need for safety. He launched the application in New York as Vigilante.

After a year, Roy Beck renamed the app to Citizen App to reach a wider audience. He did this to also ensure that the mission of creating awareness was not misunderstood. The application has functioned in mobile phones of over 6 million users. It is continuously increasing its coverage and additional downloads monthly.

Citizen Updates So far

The application is managed by top level executives. The executives are responsible for updates that make it possible to meet users’ needs. The updates are set to meet current living conditions of the users.

Protect Feature

Citizen App recently released a new update to its application. This feature is different from most features because of its paid option. All other features are freely accessible. The feature has changed the application’s former system of performance. Citizen app system of communication was generally a one-way system. It involved no communication with its users. It introduces the use of trained protect agents who are meant to help users. The protect agents monitor users location and condition to ensure their safety. They also connect them to first responders in case of unsafe conditions.

SafeTrace Feature

This feature was introduced with the onset of the Covid-19 virus. The feature is meant to alert its users on any information relating to the pandemic. This includes contacts who are directly exposed to the virus. It also informs about hospitals within the users’ location that offer Covid-19 related services. Visit this page for more information.


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