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You are probably aware that solar power saves many households money on power utility bills but questioning if it will work for your home? The answer is yes and no. No two homes are alike. For instance, if you live in a densely wooded area with low power demand or your home has an unconventional rooftop, solar power might not be cost-effective for you. What about your house though? Is there something you can do to ensure that solar power will save you money before investing in solar panels? The good news is yes (Thebossmagazine). 


PosiGen solar power company is committed to providing clean and affordable energy to all. Our goal is to help our customers cut down on utility and enable them to save thousands of dollars in the long run. However, we always conduct a feasibility assessment before installation to ensure that your home is a good fit for solar energy before making you an offer. Our engineers can deduce the potential savings for every home after conducting a free initial assessment. Thomas Neyhart explains that at PosiGen, we start by looking at your previous energy consumption. We then calculate the overall energy production you would have if we installed a solar system in your home. 


We rely on all the relevant parameters, such as your rooftop’s layout and the average annual exposure to the sun, to make this calculation, Thomas Neyhart points out. Based on the findings, we can calculate with high precision how much money you would save if you choose to install solar panels. It is important to us that our solar program is a suitable fit for our customers. If we determine that you are likely not to save money from the investment, we will not sell it to you. It is of no benefit to us if it does not work for you as our company’s primary goal is to help people save money on utility bills.


On the other hand, if our analysis determines that solar will be a good fit for your home, we offer you a long-term lease with no minimum credit score or income restrictions. The terms of payments are a set monthly fee inclusive of installation, maintenance, and efficiency upgrades. The agreement comes with a written guarantee of the savings you will make within the first year. For Thomas Neyhart, it is essential to do due diligence before deciding to invest in a solar power system. Our team at PosiGen is always ready to help and answer any questions you might have. Reach out to us and plan for a free feasibility assessment to determine whether solar energy is a good fit for your home and the potential savings you could make with solar power.

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