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Alejandro Betancourt is an entrepreneur, business owner, and philanthropist. He specializes in various fields, including business, parenting, trans-humanism, self-improvement, and more that help boost life fulfillment and productivity. Over the last few years, Alejandro has been expanding his professional career by investing in several fields. His focus is to embrace new technologies in the entrepreneur industry. Alexandra Betancourt is consistently looking for ideas that can help replace existing business concerns with marketing and branding techniques driven by digitalized solutions.

Professional Career

Alejandro Betancourt is the Director for O’Hara Administration, where he serves as the controller of the company’s shares. O’Hara is a global investment company specializing in asset management. Alejandro is also the president of Hawkers Company. The company specializes in sunglasses. He also serves as the Director of a Canadian company specializing in energy production and exploration, Pacific Exploration and Production Corporation. At Pacific Exploration, Alejandro has led the company’s expansion to South America, Mexico, and Peru. As the President of Hawkers, he focuses on fund-raising, strategic relations, brand expansion of the leading sunglasses company. Alejandro Betancourt is also one of the major shareholders of Senegal’s Banque de Dakar. As a shareholder, he expands banking services in Africa and beyond.

Early Life

Alejandro Betancourt is a graduate of Suffolk University. He is a graduate of business administration and economics. Alejandro started his professional life at Guruceaga Group, an international company specializing in finance, trade, agriculture, and real estate. Alejandro has extensive experience and skills in the energy industry. That is due to him working in several energy companies, including ICC-OEOC, where he served as the commercial manager, and BGB Energy, as the Director.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

Alejandro Betancourt encourages entrepreneurs never to stop trying. Though he has felled down on several occasions, the most important things, including his goals, are what keep him moving.

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