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Andrew Frame is the CEO of Citizen, which he co-founded in 2017. Citizen makes an app that automatically alerts emergency services when someone is injured. Andrew Frame, the CEO and founder of Citizen is a unique entrepreneur. In the past, Andrew Frame has worked with network infrastructure software and consumer telecommunications and even founded his own company at age 15.

Over the years, the experiences he’s gained have culminated in one massive idea: combining location information with 911 intelligence to keep people safe. Andrew is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several startups. He was formerly the Founder and CEO of Ooma, Inc. In 1997frame co-founded Ooma, which he grew into a consumer telecommunications company with thousands of employees across the United States. During his time at Ooma, Frame served as the VP of Software, Engineering, and R&D/IT Operations.

The first company that brought Google Voice and Skype functionality to a single consumer platform. Citizen makes it easy to connect with emergency services even if you’re in an area without reception. With geo location services, you can share your location information with the closest emergency center and tell them exactly where you’re located. Citizen is available as an iOS, Android, and Web app. Your latest product isn’t ready for prime time.

According to Andrew Frame, smart phones have become essential tools for day-to-day activities. Still, they have also become the number one-way people get information and access services they would otherwise be unable to cope with. Smart phones also become essential communication tools during emergencies or times of crisis. The Citizen team has been carefully considering incorporating safety and communication capabilities into their mobile apps. In the event of an emergency, the Citizen app should be able to determine a user’s location and provide real-time notifications and advice on what to do.

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