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In an interview done by marketplace, Andrew had a chance to talk about the Citizen App, achievements made, and special features present. He made it quite clear that the App helped save people’s lives by notifying them of any emergency cases occurring around them.

In line with the achievements made as a result of the Citizen App, Andrew Frame stated that they have countless reports and stories made by people who had had their lives changed due to the notifications from the App. According to the CEO, these kinds of information are regarded as ‘magic moments.’ Andrew was sure that you are likely to get an exciting story anytime to engage with a Citizen user about how the App has been of help to them.

Andrew also made it known that he and the group assisting him in running the App, decided that it was not acceptable to send any alert concerning a person found or thought suspicious. This is because, according to them, this was no crime. Not even once has a suspicious person alert has been sent in the App.

Additionally, Andrew Frame mentioned that Citizen App should be viewed as a mission to keep people safe. That is why apart from emergencies like fire and accidents, they created a contact tracing system for Covid-19which helps track people who are thought to have been exposed to the virus in case one of them turns out positive.

Andrew Frame is a well-known entrepreneur and a great software programmer expert.

He is the CEO founder of the citizen app, which works to ensure people are safe by making them aware of any crimes or emergency activities taking place close to them. Citizen opens App all calls made at 911 and transfers them to the App to give its relevant users alerts when need be.

The App was created in 2017 and has undergone massive growth because most people have turned to it for notifications and alerts of any emergencies going on close by their vicinity. Andrew Frame started his first company at fifteen years and later, at twenty-four, founded Ooma, an internet phone consumer. His early career was spent working with network infrastructure, which involved traveling worldwide with clients on complex networking-related issues on a large scale. Currently, Andrew spends most of his time in New York City and Los Angeles. See this article for additional information.


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