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putting it all together

Dick DeVos is very much attached to his home state. He is someone who lives and does a lot of work in Michigan. Michigan is where he was born. It is also where he has made his home right now. He realizes this is a place that benefits from having him around to help with many kinds of tasks. Over time, it is apparent that Dick DeVos has made a huge impact on the world of his home state. He has helped many business owners find a place to live and work. He has also helped many residents find their own path with assistance that is aimed at encouraging people to make this state their own by starting a business of their own right here. This is one place that he knows has a great deal of possibility. He is more than ready to help show off just why this is an ideal place to live.


Grand Rapids


Of all the many places that Dick DeVos loves in Michigan, there’s one place that he really adores so much. That is the city of Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids is one of the most lively places in the entire state. This city is home to many people. As such, it is very much a place that people come to from other parts of the state. It is also a city that people come to when they are looking for a place to raise their families. Dick DeVos has been an integral part of this process. For him, this is a city has a great vibe. He helps people learn what it takes to thrive in this part of the world. His contribution is very much both financial and emotional. He is one of the city’s biggest fans and biggest boosters.