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Dr. Bharat Lall is a doctor with diagnosing skills. He has an eye for noticing where problems are and how to fix them. However, his diagnostic skills have not been helpful to him in the medical world. As much as he is a trained physician who has worked for several years, he decided on entrepreneurship.

He has been a business person in the hospitality sector with humble beginnings of a 12 room motor lodge at the coast of California. Today Dr. Lall has a company that manages nine different properties with more than 1700 rooms. To Dr. Lall, a distressed hotel is majorly caused by leveraging more assets than one can handle, primarily through ha loan compared to the hotel value.

Dr. Lall notes that in a sharp decline In the economy, things go against an owner of a hotel, demand for hotels go down, and inefficient management brings about ineffective management. The dilapidation o the guestrooms and services will go down too due to lack of cash flow, which will slow its performance.

However, Dr.Bharat Lall thrives in more challenging situations, having grown up in Nyasaland, a British colony in Southeastern Africa. When he was a teen, the Lall family left Zambia, and his father opened up a clothing store.

About Barry Lall

Bharat Lall acts as the CEO and the president of Pinnacle hotels in the U.S. Although the company started selling properties in 2006, The San Diego company currently boasts nine hotels in different locations in Texas, Ohio, and California. Dr. Lall and his workmates have committed to providing first-class service at entry-level operations, and they have bought other properties over the years.

Barry Lall made his first career as a business person in the 1980s. He was already a successful physician practicing medicine at Chula Vista, As a family doctor at California’s Kaiser Hospital. Later own he realized he wanted to venture into different territory.