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Mahmoud Khattab is one of the leading business executives worldwide. As the CEO of precision MD, he does everything to ensure all operations run smoothly. He also makes crucial decisions and plans for the organization’s investments. Like any other Chief Executive Officer, Mahmoud initiated various measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the investors’ primary goals from early 2020 through 2021 was to remain in operation. However, the idea wasn’t entirely about businesses being open. They also had to observe the set pandemic containment measures. Mahmoud Khattab noted that the operators in the transport sector reorganized their schedules to ship medical equipment. Air transport companies did an incredible job moving the vaccines and other vital medical supplies from one region to another.

The companies in the textile industry also acted appropriately to survive the prevailing complex economic situation. They knew people would cut their spending on luxuries such as clothes to save money. Instead of manufacturing more clothes, they made personal Protective Equipment, whose demand had increased sharply. The chemical manufacturing plants were also not left behind. They made hand sanitizers instead of their usual product, and the move paid tremendously. Get to know Mahmoud Khattab on

Three Takeaways from the Gartner 2021 CEOs Survey

Gartner is an award-winning research firm interviewing CEOs globally. It conducts the study annually to uncover the investment attitudes of top business executives. CEOs, including Mahmoud Khattab, shared their investment plans and expectations.

Most of the CEOs Gartner interviewed expressed confidence that an economic boom would be from late 2021 into 2022. They attributed the possible business rejuvenation to the success in developing vaccines. The CEOs argued that mass vaccination minimizes the risks of the virus, thus opening up markets for business.

Another crucial revelation was business expansion. Most of the leaders anticipated growth post the pandemic. They pointed out new markets as the main drivers of the trend. When asked about their ideal regions, the CEOs indicated they preferred adjacent zones to scattered ones. The investment in digital capabilities also received significant backing from business leaders. They expressed a great desire to channel more resources to acquire digital equipment.