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An article from NEconnected summarizes Gordonstoun’s Duke of Edinburgh Award, which was created by the school’s founder Dr. Kurt Hahn.

To date, the recognition has been handed down to people throughout 150 different countries.

The school’s founder attended universities in Germany and the University of Oxford.

He was most inspired by Plato’s “Republic.”

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He then fled Germany and founded the private school known as Gordonstoun after receiving support from wealthy families.

The campus is spread across 200 acres and gives students a thorough private school education.

Prince Philip and Hahn then worked together to create the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The purpose behind making the award was to highlight productive students who could round into model citizens in the real world.

The award has since expanded to many organizations and schools too.

According to the article from NE, 7,000 men had participated with 1,000 fully completing the program.

In the 1980s, they expanded the age qualifications to fourteen to twenty-four and added a program for women.

The Duke of Edinburgh remains a steppingstone at Gordonstoun.

The award represents those who are passionate, talented, and eager to take on life’s challenges.

The school recommends students take part in such an opportunity.

Gordonstoun is known as a private school in Scotland.

The school markets its approach to teach students skills and experiences that go above and beyond the classroom.

The private school won a 2021 award for independent schools of the year and is COVID safe with a stamp from BSA.

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