Neil Douglas Reilly

putting it all together

In the world filled with great gender disparity, nepotism and all sorts of things that show a lack of equity and equality, it becomes odd to find a person who tries to end these and other vices using his own innovative ways. In England, Robert Bull or Robert Bob Bull, is trying to end all these. Using his startup RoyaleLife, a fitting name that depicts how people can enjoy the remaining part of their life just as other royal families do, is changing things. At the back of his mind, Robert Bull says all he wants to achieve is to ensure the elderly find a comfortable place to spend the last days of their lives.

For that reason, through RoyaleLife, Robert Bull has endeavored to buy bigger and older houses from willing individuals and has gone ahead to change them to something better. In most instances, Robert Bob Bull gets in touch with people who are willing to exchange their bigger and seemingly non-essential houses and refurbishes them into smaller and better house. On other incidents, Robert Bull buys pieces of land near the coastal towns of England and sets up similar bungalows. Robert then goes ahead to equip these bungalows with house essentials that every elderly person would need. Some of the essentials he ensures are in the bungalows include home heating AC units, elevators if necessary, large windows to bring in fresh air, big space especially at the entrance in case the elders are sharing a bungalow. Besides, he ensures there are ample playing fields where the elderly get a chance to enjoy good moments with their grandchildren. RoyaleLIfe’s houses set out in Kent, Dorset, and even Hampshire for instance have been set inside strong gates that assure the elderly for their safety. With this program, Robert Bull says the elderly will feel at peace and more