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Miki Agrawal is a professional businesswoman and author. Miki has three businesses, the Thinx Period-proof Underwear, WILD Gluten-free Pizza Restaurant, and TUSHY Bidet Toilet Attachment. Each of her firms disrupted an entire industry as they expanded to the large companies they are. She is known to do the impossible. There were a lot of pessimists commenting on the concept of her work, saying it would not work. Nevertheless, Miki focused on her idea and led each business to a successful company still thriving.

As the businesses continued to expand, Miki Agrawal felt the need to share her purging experiences with readers to inspire them to take the necessary steps to attain their goals. This desire led her to write the two well-known books, Do Cool Shi*t and Disrupt her. Her first book, Do Cool Shi*t, insights readers on how they can transform their passion into a successful career.


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According to Miki Agrawal, her first book is best for restless professionals who wish to step out of their comfort zone and make their destiny. Her second book, Disrupt-Her, was published by Hay House in 2018. She explores the different aspects of the life of disruption, such as money, purpose, career, and many more. She shows how it is possible to be a responsible adult while having the curiosity of a child. In addition, Miki includes stories of successful women who ignored the naysayers and succeeded in their work.

Miki Agrawal does not like complaining, she looks for a solution. Each of her successful businesses was started as a result of some dissatisfaction she experienced in her life. Miki began working at the Wild Gluten-free Pizza Restaurant after getting tired of working and having few healthy, on-set meals. She established the Thinx Period-proof Underwear after getting frustrated with the menstrual products in the market.

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