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Simon Denyer is a journalist and author who has reported from India for many years. He has worked as a correspondent for both the Washington Post and Reuters. During his time in India, Simon learned a lot about the political system there. Some aspects of it gave him hope, while others were disappointing. Let’s take a look at some of Simon Denyer’s thoughts on India’s political system, and what makes it such a fascinating subject.

Frustration with Chaos

One of the main things that Simon Denyer noticed about India’s politics is that it is a very chaotic system. This greatly frustrated him as it would any journalist seeking to engage in political coverage. He states that this chaos led to rampant corruption, the inability to make decisions, and the denial of economic opportunities to many of India’s citizens.

Cause for Hope

Despite the political turmoil, Simon Denyer also said that he had great hope for India. Much of this comes from the “Miracle of India,” which refers to the fact that Hindus and Muslims live in peace, even admits the global “War on Terror” which has caused many to be fearful of Muslims.

Lukewarm on Modi

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a polarizing figure. Denyer says that he can see both the good and bad. For example, he praises Modi’s work towards economic growth but criticizes his assault on secularism, and his autocratic style. He even goes so far as to question if Modi threatens what makes India great.

Other Factors

Denyer has also stated that three topics greatly concern India. They are the fact that the current generation only knows an India that experiences economic growth, the ratings-hungry media, and the anti-corruption movement which has been heavily politicized.

As a former Washington Post correspondent, Denyer is hopeful for the future of India, but still has his worries concerning the direction of politics in the country.

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